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Coaches: Want to get paid to help people return to angling?

We want to inspire anglers to return to fishing after having a break from the sport.

Perhaps they have been to university, started a career or got married and had a family.

Our national programme “Get Back Into Angling” is designed to do just that and we want all Level 2 coaches to get behind this exciting scheme by contacting their Angling Development Officer to find out how we’ll pay them to be part of the project.

Contact Danny and Dave, our Angling Development Officers for more info…

Danny Williams
Angling Development Officer (North)
Angling Trust
07854 240 368

Dave Evans
Angling Development Officer (South)
Angling Trust
07854 239 721

The “Get Fishing” campaign is run by the Angling Trust to increase the number of people being introduced to angling across the country. Anyone interested in going fishing can find angling events at Get Fishing. The events listed are for all participants regardless of gender, age, fitness or previous angling experience.

Angling Participation and the Get Fishing campaign is supported by Environment Agency fishing licence income and helps to introduce thousands of people to fishing each year.

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