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The UK’s coastline offers up one of the richest opportunities for sea angling to be found anywhere in the world. From the warm waters of the Atlantic in the south west to the cold waters of the northern North Sea, a huge variety of habitats and species can be found that offer year-round sea fishing action.

What Are We Doing For Sea Anglers?


Since 2010 the Angling Trust has been working hard to try and represent the interests of approximately 770,000 people who fish in the sea at least once per year, of which 350,000 go fishing regularly. This work includes:

Getting more people into sea fishing
Campaigning to protect your rights to fish
• Campaigning to protect fish stocks and the sea for future generations
Running competitions and supporting our national teams
• Supporting our member clubs and Regions


Fighting for Your Sport

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Your Representatives

Marine Regions


Each region is run by volunteers and represents the interests of individual Angling Trust members and member clubs within their area. This involves; running competitions, running local campaigns, liaising with local fishery managers, getting more kids into fishing through events like Family Fishing days, and much more.


Shoreham Port Family Fishing Days 2020 Promo V43 from Tim Macpherson on Vimeo.


The Angling Trust employs a Marine Regions coordinator to support the Regions and we now hold regular ‘forums’ – open meetings for all anglers to attend – for anglers to tell us what they want from the Angling Trust in order for us to support them more effectively. We are in the process of helping clubs and individuals set up new Regions across the country and aim to have more functioning Regions covering the whole of the coast over the coming years.


Conservation & Access Group


The Conservation & Access Group (CAG) advises and recommends the Angling Trust on policy, lobbying, campaigning and technical issues related to fisheries and marine environmental concerns affecting sea angling.

Members of the group include Angling Trust staff and volunteers who are coopted for their specialist knowledge, experience and skills in key areas that contribute to the work of the Angling Trust. The group reports directly to the Angling Trust’s Board of Directors and meets quarterly.

Any individual member of the Angling Trust may be nominated to sit on the CAG and clubs and individuals are encouraged to bring local conservation and access issues that the CAG can assist with to the attention of the group by contacting their regional representative or by contacting the CAG directly by emailing


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