Advanced Sea Angling

Match Fishing 

As you get more experienced you may wish to fish competitively and enter fishing matches. Many fishing clubs run their own matches. Local fishing leagues also take place throughout the country. Local tackle shops will be able to advise you about clubs matches and leagues being held in your area. More information on match fishing can be found here  

 Team England  

The Angling Trust is the National Governing Body for elite angling in England and is responsible for Team England’s participation in international events home and abroad. The Angling Trust is a member of C.I.P.S angling’s world governing body and affiliate members of FIPS-ed, FIPS-Mouche and FIPS-M as well as the Home International Committees. Team England currently has 32 teams competing every year in Home Internationals, European and World Championships across game, coarse and sea angling. For more information click here . 

Specimen Hunting 

A ‘specimen’ fish is one attaining a weight or length that is remarkable for the area in which it was caught. Many experienced sea anglers enjoy the challenge and competition of fishing for specimen fish and, to a certain extent, all anglers are motivated by catching a specimen fish which could be the fish of a lifetime. There are an increasing number of species hunt competition being run and the Angling Trust runs the popular Sea Specimen Award Scheme competition which is open to all members and Angling Trust club members.  

There can be the added satisfaction of catching a “record” fish, be that the heaviest ever caught by a member of your club, Angling Trust Region, or the UK. Details of AT Regional records and how to apply will be available from each individual Region. British rod-caught fish records are maintained by the British (Rod-Caught) Fish Committee details of which can be found here . 

Species Hunting 

Species hunts are competitions that involve catching the greatest number of different species within a given time period and/or location. Sea anglers in the UK catch approximately 100 different species of fish in total each year from giant common skate to micro species such as gobies. The popularity of species hunts has increased dramatically over recent years and the Angling Trust runs an annual Species Hunt competition 

Specialist Groups 

There are a number of specialist sea angling organisations in the UK focusing on particular species or types of fishing. These include: the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society, the National Mullet Club, the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain, the British Conger Club and the Sportfishing Club of the British Isles. Many of these organisations are open to membership, some require qualification, and most are heavily involved in conservation, knowledge about, and the specialist pursuit of catching these species. There is also a strong social element for likeminded anglers to share information and fish together at organised events throughout the year. 


You may already be assisting in activities within an angling club or project but want to consider becoming a qualified and licensed angling coach.  Visit the coaching page on our website to find out more about acquiring relevant skills and knowledge to help you achieve that.  

Boat Owning  

For many experienced anglers of the most pleasurable aspects of sea angling is being able to own and run your own boat. Whether moored in a harbour, estuary marina etc. or kept on a beach or on a trailer, it allows anglers to explore a much wider range of options and to targeta wider range of species and often larger specimens. However, it is not a cheap option, quite apart from the cost of purchasing a boat there are associatedcosts related to mooring fees, insurance, fuel, maintenance, safety equipment and electronics required to make the most of the sport.  

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