British Record Fish

Aims and Objectives

The Committee exists to recognise and publish record weights of both fresh and salt water fish caught on rod and line by fair angling methods in the waters of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, and aims:

  • To provide an adjudicating body to which marine and freshwater anglers may submit claims for record fish taken by fair rod and line angling.
  • To investigate all such record claims to the fullest possible extent and maintain a permanent record of such investigations.
  • To establish and maintain accurately a list of British fish, marine and freshwater, of record size and to publish this list frequently and make it readily available to all interested persons.

The activities of the Committee are voluntary, and claims are considered and adjudicated upon, only on the basis that the Committee shall be under no obligation whatsoever to claimants, that its decisions shall be final, and it shall not be obliged to give reasons for its decisions.


Mr Mike Heylin OBE – Chairman
Mr Nick Simmonds – Secretary
Mr Oliver Crimmen – Scientific Advisor (Marine Fish) Natural History Museum
Mr Nigel Hewlett – Scientific Advisor (Freshwater Fish) Environment Agency
Mr Chris Clark – Marine specialist
Mr Andy Nellist – Freshwater specialist
Mr Paul King – (SFSA) Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers
Mr David Craig – Marine specialist and Ireland rep.
Mr Richard Poole – Marine specialist and Wales rep
Mr Tim Froome – Marine specialist and Channel Islands rep.
Mr Paul Coulson – Freshwater specialist
Mr Andrew Dugdale – Marine specialist and Isle of Man rep.
Mr Will Barnard – Freshwater specialist
Mr Mat Mander – Marine specialist
Mr Paul Edwards – Wales Freshwater representative
Capt. Stephen Mardlin MBE RN – Freshwater specialist
Dr Phill Williams – Marine specialist

Current record listings from the © British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee can be downloaded here.




Notable Fish List December 2020

Barbel Top 50 July 2020

Bream Top 50 July 2020

Carp Top 50 July 2020

Chub Top 50 July 2020

Dace Top 50 July 2020

Eel Top 50 July 2020

Grayling Top 50 July 2020

Perch Top 50 July 2020

Pike Top 50 July 2020

Roach Top 50 July 2020

Rudd Top 50 July 2020

Tench Top 50 July 2020

Wels Catfish Top 50 July 2020

Zander Top 50 July 2020

What to do if you think you've caught a record fish


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