Anglers Against Litter

Join thousands of anglers helping to reduce litter

Anglers Against Litter is the Angling Trust’s campaign to provide a voice for anglers to engage with the issue of litter and plastic pollution in freshwater and marine environments. It outlines ways in which anglers, fisheries and tackle retailers can get involved to reduce and remove litter from areas where they fish. In rivers, lakes, canals, sea or estuary, the damage caused by litter pollution can be harmful to wildlife. It introduces toxic pollutions to the water as well as being an unsightly addition to our environments. We are working towards finding solutions for these issues as well as working with industry to do more to tackle and reduce the problem of throwaway plastic. Please support our campaign – and let’s tackle litter together!



Anglers Against Litter is proudly supported by Shimano, exclusive tackle partner, and the Environment Agency.


Organise a litter pick


An amazing 43% of anglers have stated they have taken part in a clean-up, and over 80% were interested in taking part in another event. To assist you in organising your own event, we have produced a guide outlining everything you may need to successfully organise your own clean up event.

Keeping your river, lake or beach tidy helps to protect the fish and means these areas continue to be an area for us all to enjoy. By following best practice, leaving no trace and doing our part to help to protect the environment, we can also set an example to encourage others to do the same.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or require a lot of people, but together we can make a huge difference.



To ensure that we all remain safe during these unusual times, please follow the latest government guidelines on Covid-19.

Doing a litter pick already? Please let us know!


This will help us build a bigger picture on the issue of litter in our waters, and give us valuable evidence to argue for more action to reduce litter pollution.

Keep Britain Tidy: Great British Spring Clean

The Angling Trust are pleased to support the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean. It’s Keep Britain Tidy’s biggest environment campaign – and we want anglers, clubs and fisheries to help collect litter from beaches, rivers, lakes and canals. For more information contact or the Keep Britain Tidy website.

Our 'Take 5' campaign: Pledge your support!



It’s simple to do – and can make a huge difference to the environment! Just Take 5 items of litter home with you to dispose of safely or Take 5 minutes to remove any litter after fishing or spending time out on the water side.



Litter is an increasing problem – particularly plastics – on land, in our waterways and ultimately in our seas. Anglers represent an army of millions of volunteers who respect the environment and can play a huge role in keeping our freshwater and coastal environments free of litter.

If every angler in the country supported the Take 5 campaign just once over the course of a year, anglers alone would be responsible for removing 15 million items of litter from the environment.

It isn’t just anglers who can get involved. The Angling Trust encourages everyone to do their bit and help to remove litter from our landscape and protect the environment.

Dr Emily Smith, Angling Trust’s Environment Manager, said: “Litter is something that everyone can agree upon. Anglers can play a pivotal role in helping to reverse the tide on increasing amount of litter we are finding on our riverbanks and beaches. Spending just five minutes to collect litter after a fishing trip, or picking up five pieces of litter on your way back to your vehicle, will stop litter being blown into the water, where it can cause injury to wildlife, or swept downstream to the sea.

“Although a lot of this litter may enter the environment through other means, anglers helping to clean up and protect the environment will encourage other water users to think more about what they are doing with their litter and adopt the same ‘Take 5’ approach.”

Please encourage your club or fishery to organise a litter pick or join in one of the organised clean-ups. And don’t forget to tell us about it and send in pictures to

The Take 5 campaign is run in partnership with the Environment Agency and supported by funding from fishing licence sales.



Watch the videos and support our campaigns to clean up litter

No one likes to see litter on our riverbanks, around our lakes or on our shores. This is why, with support from the Environment Agency and Shimano, the Angling Trust encourages anglers to support the Take 5 campaign and pick up litter on every fishing trip.

Marine litter is a massive and growing problem. It can find its way onto our beaches, spoiling our fishing experience. Plastic also breaks down and can be consumed by small fish and other wildlife. Please support our Anglers Against Litter campaign – and help reduce litter and plastic in our waters.

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