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AAP Supporter Spotlight: Rachael Bell

Since Anglers Against Pollution launched last year we have been overwhelmed by your support

Through Supporter Spotlight we want to shed light on the great work you have been doing to take action for our waterways. We chatted with Rachael Bell from County Durham about what inspired her to do a litter pick along the River Wear and why she believes supporting Anglers Against Pollution is so important.   

Thanks for getting on the riverbank to help fight pollution! What were your motivations for supporting Anglers Against Pollution and doing your own litter pick?  

I was motivated by the hard work I can see the Angling Trust have put into keeping anglers fishing and realising how important this isI wanted to give something back that would keep us all fishing for years to come. I became aware of just how bad pollution in our rivers is and wanted to help in anyway possible. Litter picking was the way to go. I know this problem is more than just litter but it’s the best way for me to help. 

Why is the message of Anglers Against Pollution important to you? 

The message is so important to me as I want to set an example for the young children who will be fishing in the future keeping angling alive.  

What did you find on your litter pick? 

I found mainly drinks cans and bottles.  

What plans do you have to continue your support for the campaign? 

I hope to be able to make others aware of this problem before it’s too late and hopefully get others involved in their own litter pick. I have also introduced a fishery in Consett to the recycling bins for our fishing lines and will hopefully be getting more fisheries involved. 

Why do you think people should sign the Anglers Against Pollution petition?  

It’s important to sign the petition so we can show how we are wanting to make a change in our environment for us and to protect our fishing and waters for the future.  


How Can You Support Anglers Against Pollution?

It is vital we keep the pressure on the Government to improve the management, monitoring and enforcement of our waterways for the future of our fish and fishing. You can back Anglers Against Pollution by signing our petition today and wearing your t-shirt with pride 

Want to be featured on our Supporter Spotlight? Tag us in your posts on social media and use the hashtag #anglersagainstpollution. You can also email our campaigns officer Hannah Rudd at with a brief description of your work and high resolution photographs of the event. 

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