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Seven things you need to know to get fishing….

So maybe you’ve been fishing for the first time and have an idea what fishing is all about? Or perhaps you just want to give fishing a go? No matter how much or how little experience you’ve got, here are seven things that every angler needs to know…

1] Floats: what you need
Using a float is one of the most exciting ways to tell if a fish is biting your bait but there are hundreds to choose from. Here’s a quick explanation of the different types.

2] Finding how deep the water is
If you’ve decided to fish with a float you’ll need to know how deep the water is where you’re fishing. Even without a float this helps get your bait in the right place and close to the fish.

3] Landing Nets
A “landing net” helps you get your fish close enough to unhook it and return it safely. Don’t go fishing without one.

4] Unhooking fish
…so you’ve got your prize catch safely in the net. Now what? How to remove the hook quickly and easily.

5] Fishing Licences
Remember that if you are over 13 you’ll need a fishing licence before you go fishing. They are easy to get and are free if you are 16 or under. You don’t need one to fish in the sea.

6] What tackle do I need for sea fishing?
Going on holiday to the coast? Working out what you need to take to go sea fishing can seem tricky, but it’s actually simple. Here’s a list of the basics

…and finally!

7] An essential everyday item
Can you guess what nearly every angler needs to carry? It’s something you’ll have in the house already but which will make your fishing so much easier!

There are loads more How To Fish films which cover all types of angling from coarse to carp and sea to game. You can look up a problem and immediately find the answer. For more films and info about fishing and how to get into it visit the ‘Get Fishing’ YouTube page.

‘How To Fish’ films are produced by The Angling Trust with funding from the Environment Agency. They explain the basics of angling and cover diverse subjects for beginners from where to get a fishing licence and how to set up a rod, all the way through to holding and unhooking fish. The Environment Agency funds the Angling Trust to provide more opportunities for people to go fishing. You can get a licence to go fishing at Fishing licences for those aged 16 and under are now free.

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