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Getting more juniors fishing – we’re on to it!

Angling needs to get more juniors into our sport – away from their screens and reconnected with nature by the waterside. It’s a nationwide issue and in the county of Essex where our guest blogger Chris Burt is from, it’s no different. Chris writes:

This – our first year – has put Angling Coaching Initiative (or ACI as we’ve become known) firmly on the map of angling participation in Essex.

To start with, two local clubs (Kelvedon and District Angling Society and Maldon Angling Society) gave us their backing by donating space and time on their waters so that our volunteers could provide coaching for youngsters. Then fellow Level 2 (…but far more experienced!) Angling Coach Graham Garnham was quick to join in with the initiative too.

As a result, we’ve gone from zero to fifteen sessions over the summer season, had well over a hundred attendees at our “Half-Day” sessions, and many more than that for our “Taster” and “Family” days. Ironically, we’ve even had to turn away people as we simply ran out of angling coaches!

Just think about that. Only one year in and ACI is well established and has proved to itself that there’s a big demand to start fishing among the population of Essex. Most importantly though we also learned that ACI simply must get more volunteers trained up to help coach angling.

I’d love to see more people come forward to start coaching, even if it’s just for a couple of days a month. In return I’ll get you through your Level 1 Angling Coach Certificate and train you up for Level 2 as well – FREE! This will enable you to become part of one of our ‘Coaching Teams’ which come with club support, a group of young anglers to teach as well as tackle provided while you get established. Join in and know that you’re doing something positive to grow angling numbers.

To start the ball rolling all you need to do is get in touch. I can guarantee that coaching angling is loads of fun and that you’ll help introduce people to a “sport for life”. We’ll embed you among a great network of like-minded people who’ll help get you up and running and provide all the support you need on this new part of your angling journey.

Angling coaching can fit in around any family and work commitments you might have and it’s a brilliant way to get together with fellow anglers. The reward of knowing that you’ve helped a newcomer with their first-steps to catching a fish is an incredible feeling too. Chances are you had a family member to get you started fishing. Nowadays though not everyone is that lucky – modern families often have less time and inclination to take part in outdoors activities like angling and young people miss out on all the learning opportunities, the connection with nature, enjoyment, rewards and challenges that fishing offers. But you can change that.

Check us out on and please make contact using my details below. Even if it’s just for a quick, friendly chat to begin with, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Chris Burt – ACI Chairman.
Give me a call on 07917 781 299 or email me at

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