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This Girl Can Get Hooked on Fishing!

Get Hooked on Fishing’s CEO, Sarah Collins is supporting This Girl Can again in 2018 and told us…

I’ve had a personal ambition for many years to help more women and girls of all ages try fishing and access the benefits. As a UK-wide charity, Get Hooked on Fishing has hundreds of case studies which demonstrate how going fishing improves confidence and self-esteem and helps people to become more socially and physically active! 

For the last 6 years we’ve run our ‘Family Fishing’ campaign in partnership with the Angling Trust and with the support of the Environment Agency with funding from fishing licence sales.

These free community days are as popular with women and girls as they are with men and boys. Demonstrating how simple, fun and affordable going fishing can be has helped families become active, or more active, together. We welcome the connection between fishing and This Girl Cans goals to “celebrate active women who are doing their thing” – let’s help more people discover that angling can easily be one of those “things” too!

On many occasions we’ve witnessed women and girls accompanying other family members as bystanders at Get Hooked on Fishing’s activity days but within a short time, they couldn’t resist having a go themselves and, before you know it, they’re ‘hooked’!”

Sarah Collins, CEO Get Hooked on Fishing – an angling charity which helps provide positive opportunities for young people and communities.

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