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Fishbook: Coalfish

‘Fishbook’: Our species-guide series based on “Get Fishing
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We profile the UK’s most common as well as some lesser-known fish species to help newcomer anglers find out more about fish that can be caught in our lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and sea.

Understanding the kinds of fish you might catch will add interest and could even make your fishing easier! Here you’ll find out more about…



Scientific name:
Pollachius virens

Life span:
Around 10 years

Typical size:

British record:
37lb 5oz

Found in the cooler waters of Scotland and around north of the UK. Similar areas to its close relation the pollack, but very large coalfish can be caught off wrecks

Interesting fact:
Coalfish take any spun lure or spoon but are often more active at particular stages of the tide and ‘turned off’ at others

About Coalfish

Coalfish (known as ‘saithe’ in Scotland) abound all around the rocky Atlantic and North Sea coasts of Scotland and the north of England and Ireland.

Unlike the migratory mackerel, coalfish are permanent residents around headlands and islands. They take any spun lure or spoon but are often more active at particular stages of the tide and ‘turned off’ at others. The two hours around high water are usually dependable.

Coalfish are predatory fish pre-dominantly found around rocky shorelines, reefs and islands. Their population numbers are healthy.

Coalfish are always an even, dark grey colour. If you catch an apparently identical fish which is the colour of burnished copper you have caught a pollack, a close relative.

Pollack and coalfish are often found above, or near, kelp (seaweed) beds. They probably ambush their prey from the cover of kelp. Both are strong fighting fish that dive hard to get to the safety of weed beds when hooked.

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Header image thanks to David Overland and text reproduced with permission and © Merlin Unwin Books.

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