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We Are Undefeatable: Fishing and Mindfulness

Angling has joined in with an inspiring new campaign – We Are Undefeatable – which supports the one in four people in England who live with long-term health conditions like depression, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, anxiety and Parkinson’s.

We Are Undefeatable aims to help people build physical activity into their lives, by hearing from others who have become more active through the ups and downs of living with their condition.

Even small amounts of activity can make a significant difference to overall health and wellbeing. That’s why fishing is a perfect fit with We Are Undefeatable – it gets you outdoors and active in the fresh air.

Going fishing is a great way to incorporate physical activity into everyday life too as it can be done at a wide range of places near to where you live or work, can be incorporated with other things like walking to the shops or cycling, needs hardly any equipment, is low cost and can take 30 minutes or a whole day – however long you want to go for!

Heather Lauriston is the Project Manager for Get Hooked on Fishing, Scotland and discovered how as well as creating the need to ‘move more’, fishing for her and Get Hooked on Fishing’s clients often has a powerful element of mindfulness which is therapeutic and stress relieving.

Heather told us: “For me, going fishing is a great way to switch off from the daily stress and pressures that life can bring It’s a chance to be mindful and just ‘take in the moment’, the beautiful scenery, the sounds of nature, water flowing, birds singing, clouds floating across the sky Taking just a few short moments to appreciate these things can be very therapeutic.”

Heather: This Girl Can

To find an event where you can learn how fishing is a great way to move more and help with your own or a family member’s physical or mental health issues just visit our events calendar.

About Heather: Heather is a Level 2 fully licensed coarse angling coach based at Magiscroft fishery and specialises in coaching children with special educational needs. She is also a keen competition angler and has been selected to represent Scotland as part of the ladies shore fishing team.

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More about We Are Undefeatable:
Join the millions of people managing a range of health conditions that are finding ways to be active that work for them. Share your story with #WeAreUndefeatable


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