Statement regarding members of the Missing Salmon Alliance

Salmon & Trout Conservation has today left the Missing Salmon Alliance.

The Missing Salmon Alliance was formed to bring a greater focus on the plight of wild Atlantic salmon and to reverse the devastating collapse that has seen this magnificent fish disappear from our rivers. By coming together, the organisations who make up the Missing Salmon Alliance can pool their skills and expertise. Through research, evidence and by advocating for a greater understanding of the dire situation Atlantic salmon face, and the need for greater protection and management throughout its lifecycle, the Missing Salmon Alliance is working to reverse the devastating decline in numbers.

The members of the Missing Salmon Alliance share its vision and objectives and are clear on the need for further actions to be taken by governments, business sectors and fisheries managers who impact, directly and indirectly, on wild Atlantic salmon to ensure of their conservation and protection in the future. The members share the view that the status quo is not acceptable.

After discussion and detailed consideration of the tactical approach, the Missing Salmon Alliance has decided to pursue an advocacy course by engaging with the Scottish government with respect to future regulation of the aquaculture sector. The Angling Trust, Game Wildlife Conservation Trust, and the Atlantic Salmon Trust support this approach. Salmon and Trout Conservation (S&TC) has decided to withdraw from the Alliance to pursue an alternative approach.

S&TC will therefore now campaign, outside the Alliance, for effective regulation of salmon farming to be introduced in accordance with the recommendations of the two Parliamentary Committees, and to include the key principles that S&TC has identified.

S&TC shares the aims of the Alliance and will continue to cooperate with the other members, and to support and provide inputs to the Likely Suspects Framework research programme.

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