Angling Trust Stillwater Commercial Team National Championships 2020

(Sponsored by Drennan Lindholme Lakes). Saturday 24th October 2020, Drennan Lindholme Lakes, 150 fished.

Firstly, a big well done to all the competitors for their exemplary conduct in adhering to the strict Covid restrictions that we had to follow to in order to allow this match to take place.  The current Covid situation had an impact on teams attending this year though we still had a good turnout of 15 teams (150 anglers).  Also a massive thank you to Drennan Lindholme owners, Aaron & Neil Grantham for allowing us to re-arrange this National Championship event after it was postponed back in April.

Some of the anglers though, may have wished it was called off completely as Lindholme was not in its usual productive form.  Typical weather for this event saw a cold snap overnight followed by strong winds and lots of rain during the match making it very difficult to attain perfect bait presentation, add to that the immense angling pressure the venue has seen over the last few months its not really surprising it was a difficult match.   David Shires (North West Angling) took the Individual honours with a decent catch of 40.075Kgs from Bennys peg 13.  David caught 35 F1’s and silvers on maggots fished at 11m.  Runner up, Jay Baker (Stainforth Angling) was a fair way behind with 28.675Kg from Strip peg 4 and 3rd place went to Alex Reynolds (Team Browning UK) with a level 27Kg from Bennys peg 4.

But the match is all about the Team result and taking home the winners cheque of £2500 (donated by Drennan Lindholme).  Usually this event is a tight battle between Lindholmes home team and local rivals Drennan Barnsley, but this year it was Drennan Spotted Fin North West that gate crashed that party.  Recording 4 section wins and no one finishing lower than 4th in section they dropped just 13pts to take take the crown of Angling Trust Stillwater Commercial Team National Champions 2020 with 67pts.  It was indeed very tight between the 2 usual contenders, Lindholme Elite and Drennan Barnsley finished neck and neck on 59pts but Lindholme Elite just snuck into 2nd place with a small weight advantage of 137Kg to 128Kg.

(Pictured: Winner David Shires)

The Angling Trust would like thank Aaron & Neil Grantham and their staff at Drennan Lindholme Lakes for their help and continued sponsorship of this event.  Also thanks to Jemma Phillips and her team for managing the resulting process.  The full results can be viewed at

Individual Result;

1st        David Shires    North West Angling                            40.075Kg

2nd       Jay Baker         Stainforth Angling                               28.675Kg

3rd        Alex Reynolds  Team Browning UK                             27.000Kg

4th        Ryan Lidgard   Lindholme Elite                                   24.950Kg

5th        Andy North      Drennan Spotted Fin North West       22.850Kg

6th        Brad Parkes     Drennan Spotted Fin North West       22.825Kg

Team Result;

1st        Drennan Spotted Fin North West                   67pts

2nd       Lindholme Elte                                                59pts (137.050Kg)

3rd        Drennan Barnsley                                           59pts (128.375Kg)

4th        Preston Innovations Sonu Baits North West  57pts

5th        Maver Dynamite NW                                      56pts

6th        Team Browning UK                                         50pts

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