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Clubs and Fisheries: Read what Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook says about about Fishmark, the “Kitemark” for your angling organisation

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook explains why it’s important – but simple – for coarse, sea and game fishing clubs and fisheries to get the free Fishmark certificate…

Fishmark is the Angling Trust‘s national accreditation scheme for angling clubs and fisheries – it provides a “Kitemark” for angling safeguarding and development covering all aspects of equality in angling and both junior and adult safeguarding.

Recent incidents in other sports have proved just how important safeguarding is to keep participants at all levels of our own sport, secure and protected. A club or fishery that achieves the Angling Trust’s Fishmark certificate proves to parents, members, customers, and other organisations that it can provide safe, friendly all-inclusive fishing opportunities and that it has has achieved the necessary standards in each area.

The process is simple (…and free!), and this accreditation is available to both saltwater and freshwater organisations of all disciplines – Angling Trust staff can help you through the remarkably easy process and we will promote Fishmark accredited clubs and fisheries with confidence.

It is extremely encouraging that we have already heard back from clubs and fisheries that being a Fishmark accredited club has helped them to raise their profile, recruit new members, build up a ‘library’ of loan-tackle and attract visitors.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep participants in our sport safe, and make our sport as inclusive as possible – Fishmark gives us a simple means to offer that reassurance to everyone involved in angling and we should all support that principle.


Jamie Cook
Angling Trust and Fish Legal

For more info and details on how your club or fishery can get involved, please contact James or Dean for a friendly chat!

James Roche
Partnership Development Manager (North and East)
Angling Trust
07791 786 251

Dean Asplin
Partnership Development Manager (South and West)
Angling Trust
07854 239 731

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