Building Momentum on the Admiralty: Campaign Update

On Tuesday 18th May representatives from the Angling Trust and Dover Sea Angling Association met with Dover Harbour Board amid concerns that sea angling will no longer be allowed to continue under new security plans for the Western Docks.   

The meeting was productive and provided an opportunity to discuss the concerns of both parties furtherIn coming weeks, we will continue discussions with the Dover Harbour Board to address their concerns with the aim of  reaching a viable proportionate solution to enable sea angling to continue on the Admiralty.  

We extend our thanks to Dover Harbour Board for their cooperation and willingness to identify possible proportionate solutions for the sea angling community. 

It is Tthanks you to all those within the sea angling community and our friends who have supported the campaign so far that we have been able to engage the Dover Harbour Board and begin to seek a solution that will meet the needs of anglers and the Harbour Board.. But the campaign goes on.  We encourage you to share the petition and write to your MP to urge them to write to Dover Harbour Board in support of the campaign for sea angling to continue on Admiralty Pier.  

Admiralty Pier is an iconic sea angling location, not only for the local community in Dover, but also the national sea angling community who enjoy fishing there in the summer months. As covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, and we hopefully begin to come through the other side of the pandemic, culturally significant sites like the Admiralty will play a key role in sustaining local businesses, delivering health and wellbeing benefits, and supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Losing the ability to fish off Admiralty Pier will have devastating consequences on the local and wider community, and we are pressing for a viable proportion solution to be reached for both parties.  

Keep an eye on our website and sign up to our Sea Angling Newsletter for updates and more ways you can support the campaign to keep Admiralty Pier open for angling.  


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