Progress on Admiralty Pier: Pushing for a Practical Solution

On Monday 26th July a public scrutiny meeting was held by Dover District Council to discuss the future of sea angling on Admiralty Pier with the CEO of Dover Harbour Board, Douglas Bannister, as the key witness.

Bannister commented that it was never the intention to ban angling on Admiralty Pier but to address security concerns and COVID-19 protocols. Dover Harbour Board have therefore now put forward proposals for a trial day to address how angling may take place on the pier in the future.

Stuart Singleton-White, Head of Campaigns said “We welcome the proposal of a trial day of angling to take place on Admiralty Pier with the necessary security and COVID-19 measures to meet Dover Harbour Board’s new requirements; however, at present we do not believe these proposed measures are sustainable in the long-term and therefore will be seeking to meet with Dover Harbour Board to further negotiation a practical solution. In our view it is imperative that any trail day accurately reflects what is both possible and realistic to implement in order for sea angling activity to continue on the Pier.”

The Angling Trust and Dover Sea Angling Association would like to extend their thanks to all who have supported the campaign to Save Angling on Admiralty Pier.

Richard Yates, Chairman of the Dover Sea Angling Association said “Angling has been taking place on this pier for over 100 years. We’ve seen many challenges, we fished through difficult times and we’re determined to keep fishing. The commitment from Doug Bannisterthat he wants to see fishing continue is welcome. We now need the Harbour Board to work with us to develop practical solutions to the concerns they have. This pier is an important community and economic asset for Dover. I want to see anglers back on the pier as soon as possible.”

Hannah Rudd, Policy & Advocacy Manager at the Angling Trust said “We look forward to continuing negotiations with Dover Harbour Board to safeguard the future sea angling has on Admiralty Pier by identifying a practical solution that works for both parties. It is clear by the huge support this campaign has received that sea angling is a vital attribute to the people of Dover and wider sea angling community, and we will continue fighting hard to ensure this historic and iconic sea angling location is not lost.”

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