24 hours to force the government to stop sewage pollution

Parliament will be debating the Environment Bill on Wednesday (20th October). This is the last chance to make sure the Bill contains firm action to stop raw sewage pouring into our rivers and seas from storm overflows.

We need you to EMAIL YOUR MP IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS to ask them to support clause 82 of the Environment Bill and resist any last-minute attempt by the government to weaken this clause.

Clause 82 will place a “duty on sewerage undertakers to take all reasonable steps to ensure untreated sewage is not discharged from storm overflows”. This means Water Companies will not just have to monitor and report, they must act to stop this pollution.

Please email ASAP as the vote is on Wednesday.

Emailing your MP is simple. Just visit, enter your post code and when you get to your MPs page click the “send a message” button.

Ask them to support Clause 82 of the Environment Bill at the Consideration of Lords Amendment debate and to tell them to resist any attempts by the government to change this clause. When writing feel free to tell them how passionate you are about our rivers and seas, and how you want clear and healthy waters fit for fish to swim in and people to enjoy.

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Whilst personal emails are more effective we realise that time is short so here’s a form of wording that you can cut, paste and adapt for sending to your own MP:

“Dear [Insert Name] MP

I am a keen angler and would like you to take action this week to strengthen the Environment Bill to end the scandal of untreated sewage entering our rivers and seas. There were a shocking 400,000 spills from storm overflows in 2020 and Clause 82 of the Environment Bill at the Consideration of Lords Amendment debate on Wednesday (Oct 20) is your chance to make a difference and take a big step towards ending pollution of our rivers and seas from raw sewage.

The declining condition of our rivers due to pollution is a national disgrace and flies in the face of government promises ‘to leave the environment in a better condition for the next generation’. As anglers, we see first hand what damage is being done and I urge you to support the Lords Amendment to force water companies to stop pouring untreated sewage into our local rivers and seas which should be a haven for fish and wildlife and something we can all enjoy in safety.”

Please act now and thank you for your support.


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