Anglers Against Litter

Angling Trust and Shimano announce partnership to tackle litter pollution

The Angling Trust are delighted to announce that world famous tackle brand Shimano has become the exclusive fishing tackle sponsor of our Anglers Against Litter campaign.

The agreement will see Shimano working with the Angling Trust to encourage anglers to support action on litter, providing resources to enable clubs to undertake litter picks and encouraging all to pledge their support to ‘Take 5’ – picking up five items of litter or spending five minutes at the end of a fishing session to collect and safely dispose of litter.

Shimano aims to “promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us” and recognise the importance of preserving our environment to protect fish and fishing.

This makes Shimano the perfect partner for our Anglers Against Litter campaign which focuses on providing a voice for anglers on litter pollution and outlining practical action that everyone can take to reduce their waste footprint and adopt reuse, reduce, and recycle practices.

As well as providing more resources to support action on litter, Shimano will also be offering rewards to recognise those that make sustained commitments to tackle litter pollution.

Shimano’s Ian Ltham and Mark Owen from the Angling Trust launch the partnership at The Big One, Stoneleigh

Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO said:

“I am delighted to welcome Shimano as exclusive fishing tackle sponsor of our Anglers Against Litter campaign and look forward to working with them to increase action on litter and help to protect our fish and waterways.

“Tackling litter is something that everyone can agree on, and by working with Shimano we aim to provide more equipment and resources to more people and promote the ways that angling gives back to the environment.

“This is the start of a new exciting chapter for the campaign and I want to thank Shimano for their support.”.

Ian Latham, Shimano Managing Director said:

“As Trade Associate members of the Angling Trust, we have been committed to supporting the amazing work they do for some time. However, when the opportunity arose to take an extra step and become the official partner of their Anglers Against Litter campaign we jumped at the chance.

“The campaign is one the team here at Shimano are passionate about as it is perfectly in line with our worldwide commitment to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us. We are delighted to be working alongside the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency and we encourage anglers to get involved and help us keep the places we fish litter free.”

Dr Emily Smith, Angling Trust Environment Manager said:

“Our Anglers Against Litter campaign is about encouraging action on litter and providing a voice for anglers on this issue. It is funded by the Environment Agency through fishing licence income and has received widespread support

“I am incredibly excited at the opportunity to work alongside such a well-known brand like Shimano to enhance and further develop the campaign, to enable more action on litter, and showcase one of the many ways that anglers contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment.”



How you can get involved with Anglers Against Litter

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