Matt Godfrey – Marketing and Media Coordinator, Tackle Guru

Matt Godfrey - on The Trent

Angling is one of the most diverse past times out there, and it is that which fascinates me about the sport. There are so many different kinds of fishing – match, sea, game, carp, specimen and more – that all change throughout the seasons and can take place at so many different venues and locations, not just in the UK but across the whole globe. Then there’s the diversity of people who participate, or are welcome to participate. A huge mix of ages and abilities across all genders can be involved. When you actually think about how much diversity there is within angling, it really is mind blowing!

Being a serious match/competition angler myself, I sometimes look at the diversity our sport offers and feel like I’m missing out on some of the other amazing experiences there are to enjoy within it! However, for me personally, the buzz of a big competition combined with the wild nature of our sport, the unexpected and unknown quarry, the elements, and the tactical puzzles to work out to succeed in a competitive arena, is what makes me really tick. I really enjoy the fact that in match fishing, hard work equals reward and consistency, and the journey to achieving this gives us amazing amounts of focus. Whether it be a young angler trying to compete in a junior event, an international angler fishing the World Championship, a club angler fishing with their friends locally, or a top-flight matchman in a big money final; the focus is present and fishing captivates us! It is that obsession and captivation of the sport that makes it so special. This, combined with the fact that angling is so diverse, means we can promote it to so many different people.

The Angling Trust and Ambassadors within positively encourage people to try fishing and find something within it that gives them the captivation, escapism and enjoyment that we all love.

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