Reg Phillips – Sussex Marine Region committee & Conservation and Access Group member

Ambassador - Reg Phillips

Sea Angling has been a constant companion in my life for 40 years, I have had some truly wonderful experiences and found many friends along the way. I joined the AT in 2009 because my sport faces many threats, is in desperate need of protection and I wanted to give something back to help. When I was asked to be part of the AT Sussex Marine Region and then the CAG I grabbed those opportunities with both hands, I knew both times I would be in a much better position to help other anglers and protect sea species that were under threat from over exploitation. I made a promise to myself that I would leave my sport in a better condition than when I joined it and my best chance to do so is with the Angling Trust. I urge all sea anglers to join us and help each other to improve our sport, to give something back that is better than we inherited to the next generation of sea anglers to cherish.

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