William Daniel – Founder of Famous Fishing

Ambassador - William Daniel

I caught my first roach, rudd, perch and trout in 1968, and have now been running Famous Fishing, based on the English chalk streams, since 1995. Although catching fish will always be an important part of fishing, it means much more to me than that: it’s taken me to some fabulous places all over the world, and many lifetime friendships have been forged through a shared interest. But perhaps the most important thing fishing has done for me, is to make me a conservationist, passionate about protecting aquatic habitats. The Angling Trust’s record in championing the many causes of anglers, particularly in fighting pollution cases on behalf of its members, is a very good reason for anyone with a love of fishing to become a member. At a time when angler numbers are falling, it is even more important that we are prepared to stand up and be counted, and by joining the Angling Trust, you are stating that you care about future generations enjoying our wonderful sport.

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