Zenia Drury-Gregorek – angling presenter and Shakespeare Ambassador

Ambassador - Zenia Drury-Gregorek

I’m really looking forward to working with the Angling Trust, as an Ambassador I want to spread the word of fishing and hope to encourage other Mum’s out there like me to take up Fishing and reap the endless benefits it brings. I’ve always loved fishing being brought up at Anglers Paradise and just want to see more out there enjoying the mindfulness it brings to your hectic lives. Living in a Digital world, Fishing is the best digital detox for all of us – especially our Children. We need to see more Kids and Families on the bank enjoying quality time and out in the fresh air. Fishing is good for the mind, good for the soul and it’s down to us to share that passion with others. The Angling Trust are doing their best to increase the participation in fishing with Events happening all over the Country and I for one look forward to getting involved and showing all those who don’t fish why they should be!! Here’s to getting more out there fishing!

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