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Lobbying the government for stronger laws on agricultural pollution and enforcement by the Environment Agency.

Protecting Freshwater

For Future Generations

Agricultural Pollution

Across England and Wales pollution from agriculture is causing extensive and increasing damage to our fish and other wildlife that live in our rivers, lakes and streams. Farming is the number one cause of serious pollution incidents in England. Poorly managed land, slurry spills and poor application, and the overuse of chemicals kill fish and the invertebrates and plant life that is their food. This pollution is one of the main reasons why only 14 per cent of our water bodies meet good chemical and ecological status under the Water Framework Directive. The cost of cleaning this up and making our water safe to drink is increased, adding to water bills. Working with WWF-UK and the Rivers Trust, we are fighting for changes to the way land is managed and for the Environment Agency do more to monitor the quality of the water in our rivers and take proper enforcement action when pollution occurs. We want to see the polluter pays principle applied, along with advice, support and education of farmers and landowners, to better protect our rivers, lakes and streams.
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Anglers Against Litter

Pollution is not only caused by agricultural waste, large amounts of plastic and massive corporations with their chemical refuse, but also by each and everyone of us on an individual basis. We can all play a role in keeping our freshwater systems and wider environment tidy and safe for our wildlife, which can often become entangled in plastics and ingest the nasty waste humans leave behind. Do the right thing to protect the fish and environment you love by taking your rubbish with you after your days fishing. If you can do a quick clean-up whenever you head to the bank too. The new Anglers Against Litter website will be launching soon.
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Invasive Species

Across the country within our invaluable freshwater habitats there are silent foreign invaders that are wreaking havoc on our indigenous flora and fauna, threatening to unbalance our fragile ecosystems. Led by the Angling Trust’s freshwater team we are seeking to improve education and awareness on how you as an angler can improve the biosecurity alongside lobbying government for better management and stricter enforcement of how we deal with our invaders here in the UK.
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