L2 Moston J

23 April 2022 9:00 AM - 14 May 2022 5:00 PM
Moston Fields Primary School, Brookside Road, Moston, Manchester M40 9GJ
Open to all
  • This course will enable you to plan and deliver coaching activities, taking sole charge or directing the activities of other coaches.
  • It’s open to anyone aged 18 or over with experience in any angling discipline (Coarse, Game or Sea).
  • Applicants for a Level 2 course must hold a 1st4sport Level 1 qualification in Coaching Angling or have had confirmation from the Coaching Centre Manager of exemption from Level 1.

** If you are currently undertaking your Level 1 or haven’t yet completed it, we recommend that you consult your L1 tutor before booking a Level 2 place.  You must have your Level 1 certification (or exemption) in place before taking your Level 2 course.

Schedule (attended format event)

Saturday 23rd April and Sunday 24th April

Assessment day: Saturday 14th May

Components of the course

The course starts with two days at the specified venue: you work with your tutor and the other members of the course group.

After Day 2 there is a break of three weeks in which you plan and deliver four linked and progressive coaching sessions, with their associated risk assessments and self-evaluations.  (You complete these at your own club, fishery or project: they aren’t arranged by Angling Trust staff or your tutor.)

You attend the assessment day to which you bring your coursework and the paperwork from your linked sessions.  The assessment will be at the same venue as Days 1 and 2.


Requirements for qualification at Level 2

Getting certified at Level 2, what is required

Sourcing First Aid & Safeguarding for Level 2 qualification

► You must take part in the required online and assessment sessions, and must complete the activities, linked coaching sessions and coursework.

► In addition before you can be certified at Level 2 you must supply the Coaching Centre Administrator with evidence of the following:

  • a suitable current First Aid certificate
  • a UK Coaching workshop for Safeguarding & Protecting Children, issued in the last 18 months.

First Aid and UKC Safeguarding are not part of the Level 2 course itself, but please see the information supplied to help you source training which will meet the qualification criteria.


General information about content, requirements and availability

L2 Angling Lead Coach, overview 2021-22

Coaching Centre staff can’t advise beforehand what further courses will become available, or how soon.

If you can’t see a suitable event displayed or if there are no spaces remaining, please email with your name, location and the Event Number or the venue name and approximate date of your Level 1 coaching course and ask to be added to the enquiry list.

How to enter

Booking closes at 4:30 pm on Friday 8th April, or when all places are taken.

This booking via the online facility secures your place on the sessions for the displayed dates.  

Click the “Get ticket” button to start the booking process, supply the required personal information and make payment by credit or debit card.

If you are to be partly or wholly funded by a third party (for example an angling club or employer) so that you can’t book using this online facility, please email as soon as possible.


Please note that the sending of your confirmation and receipt is not automated, so if you book over a weekend or holiday period when the Coaching Centre and Accounts departments are not staffed it will take a little longer before you receive those documents.

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