AT-TEFF 5 Nations Championship

Established in 2014, the 5 Nations Fly Fishing Championship (5NFFC) was formed to enable multiple teams from the UK and Europe to compete and gain experience in a FIPS-Mouche style format over boat, bank and river disciplines.

In order to improve participation by potential elite level fly fishers, both among experienced international participants and those at the start of their international career, it has been decided that the previous policy of selection by invitation should be dropped in favour of a programme of open competitive Team Selection heats.


The 5NFFC Team Selection heats will consist of 4 days, with 6 heats fished on 1 Boat, 1 Bank, and 1 River sector (maximum 24 anglers).

Entry Fee – £140.00 (non-refundable)

Draycote boat sector – 29th August 2021 – 2 scoring heats (am & pm) – full Catch & Release – Fishing Fee £50.00

Toft Newton bank sector – 14th November 2021 – 2 scoring heats (am & pm) – full Catch & Release – Fishing Fee £30.00

River Swale river sector – 11th & 12th June 2022 – 2 scoring heats over 2 days – Fishing Fee £20.00 per day = £40.00

NB: The heats will be fished to FIPS-Mouche Rules and scoring system. Rule modifications associated with fishery regulations will be published at the time of seeking entrants. No two competitors should fish/control together for more than one session over the six heats.


Not open to World or European Caps. Otherwise:

Aged 30+: Must have a minimum of 1 cap in either River, Loch-style, or Bank Internationals within the last 10 years
plus have competed in a minimum of one other National Final (different from the discipline in which they have achieved a cap) within the last 10 years, or qualified to compete in a forthcoming National Final.

Aged under 30: Eligible if competed in 2 National Finals (either Loch & Bank, Bank & River or River & Loch) within the last 10 years, or have qualified to compete in a forthcoming National Final.

Competitors must be current paid up Angling Trust members at the time of fishing in any of the heats. Join here:

5NFFC Team

The team to represent England in the following 5NFFC team will comprise the top 3 from the Team Selection heats, plus the top individual under the age of 30. If there is already an individual under the age of 30 in the top 3, then the 4th in the overall heat placings will be the 4th team member of the 5NFFC team.

How to Apply

Complete the form below and return to Kirsty Marshall at by midnight on 22nd May 2021. More details will be available here when the booking system is open for those eligible to book on.

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