International Sea Angling Code of Conduct


Representing ones country as a member of an Official England Sea Angling Team should be regarded as the highest accolade that can be bestowed on any sea angler; the Angling Trust certainly considers that to be so. Not only should such individuals be single-minded in performing at their best whilst representing their country, but also they must accept that they are ambassadors for their sport and country from the moment they are selected until the end of the particular championship, and even beyond. Whilst striving to perform at their best, though, individuals must remember that they are a member of a team: the England Team.

This code of conduct has been compiled over a number of years in order to provide the guidance necessary to achieve the excellence expected of all those selected as a member of an England Sea Angling Team. It is a pre-requisite of application that each individual signs to accept and follow this code of conduct. Any failure will not be viewed favourably by the Team Selectors and could jeopardise an individuals future applications.

It has been decided that team captains will not be normally elected for England Teams, as the emphasis is placed on ‘the team’ aspect. However, Managers will be appointed who will perform many of the roles normally undertaken by captains. In addition, a deputy manager may be appointed from the team to fulfil the duties of the manager in the event of the manager being unable to carry out his/her duties. This code of conduct therefore details what is expected of team members, outlines the authority vested in Managers, and finally details England Team uniform.

Canvassing by any applicant of any member of the National Team Selectors may result in disqualification.

Team Members

Team members are to accept the rulings of the Manager and are to carry out his/her instructions. On disciplinary matters, members are to carry out the instructions of the Manager, but having done so, have a right of appeal to the Selection Group.

No team member is to accept individual sponsorship, or promote any product to the detriment of the Teams’ sponsor(s) whilst practising for, or competing in, the representative match for which they are selected. In addition, team members are not to wear clothing or carry equipment displaying a companies promotional logo if that company is not sponsoring all the team members. If approached by a sponsor, that team member is to notify the Chairman of the National Team and Competition Group and advise the sponsor to contact him.

Team members are to agree to promote any company providing Team sponsorship, specifically when directed by the Manager. In addition, it will be viewed favourably if selected team members actively promote sponsoring companies when not directly involved with the selected championship.

Media coverage of selected England Teams is to be actively encouraged. Team members are obliged to forward copy of all printed material appertaining to England Teams and the individuals to the Angling Trust.

All team members are to have paid their participation fee three weeks prior to the date of the representative championship, failure to do so may result in the individuals replacement by the reserve. Team Managers will discuss the financial aspects with all members of the team. All members representing England are required to be member of the Angling Trust.

All team members are to attend all parades and functions organised as part of the official programme connected with the representative championships.


The manager will be overall in charge of the entire team(s). When considering fishing tactics, the manager will consult with team members but his/her decision will be final. Any points of clarification regarding fishing should be dealt with by the manager and, thus, team members with queries should speak to the manager.

Any protest, by any team member(s), regarding a breach of fishing rules against any angler, must be discussed with the manager who will consult the team before only he/she registers any protest or official objection. Details of any objections or protests lodged, and its outcome, will be reported by the manager to the Angling Trust Marine Committee via the National Team Selection Sub-Committee.

The manager has the right to impose on the spot discipline including, under extreme circumstances, the right to withdraw the entire England team(s) or any team member from the championship. If such action is taken the team or individual will leave the venue by the earliest means of transport available under the existing booking arrangements. A report of any disciplinary action is to be made by the manager to the Angling Trust Marine Committee via the National Team Selection Sub-Committee.

The manager is responsible for arranging travel schedules and alternative means of transport, in order to get team members to championships on time. Any member wishing to make his/her own arrangements must seek acceptance of those arrangements by the manager.


Team members and managers are to wear the official uniform when travelling to and from representative championships, and at all parades and functions organised as part of the official programme connected with the representative championships. The official uniform is as follows:

Men: Navy or black blazer with England badge, black trousers, white shirt with collar, red England tie, and black shoes & socks.

Ladies: Navy or black blazer with England badge, black skirt, white blouse, red England Tie and black or navy court shoes.

Juniors / Youth: Same as seniors, but with dark grey or black trousers at the discretion of the manager.

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