Join the Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the unified representative organisation for all anglers in England and Wales. We are a non-profit organisation working for the benefit of all fish and fishing. We are supported by over 15,000 individual members and over 2,300 clubs, fisheries and trade members.

Our affiliated clubs have over 300,000 members making the Angling Trust the strongest voice in fishing.

Your membership of the Angling Trust & Fish Level is vital to the continued support of our work.

Why Join the Angling Trust?

  • A stronger voice for angling in Parliament
  • Protecting the angling and conservation of Recreationally Important Species
  • Fighting off threats to angling, access to the sea, bait collecting and other unfair restrictions
  • Sharing knowledge, expertise and resources with national angling bodies from around Europe.
  • Protecting and defending angling’s reputation
  • Free, friendly and expert help to support clubs and regions, from organising events to fundraising and much more.

“Sea anglers must unite so we can achieve far greater political clout for the overall good of fish stocks and sea angling in general. The culture of fishery management needs to change because short-term political appeasement of commercial fishing interests is too entrenched. Restoration and maintenance of resources must become the priority. Joining together with the Angling Trust will help achieve this”

– Malcom Gilbert, Angling Trust Consultant and Founder of AMMO Baits.

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