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Charter Boats

The Angling Trust recognises that charter boat fishing is an important part of recreational sea angling in Britain, giving access to sport out of reach to shore anglers and many private small boat owners.

We understand the economic benefit the charter boat sector contributes to coastal communities and we are committed to representing the interests of charter boat operators to make sure the sector can expand for the future.

Our sea angling campaigns ensure your voice is heard by Government departments and fisheries management bodies such as the Marine Management Organisation and the ten regional Inshore Fishery and Conservation Authorities (IFCAs).  We keep you up-to-date with our regular sea-angling newsletters and invite you to give us feedback and have your say at our sea fishing forums.

Annual membership for charter boat operators starts at just £60.  To join as a charter boat member please contact the Membership team.

Need help? Call us on 0343 507 7006 or use our live chat

Fish Legal

Charter boat members of the Angling Trust may now also join Fish Legal for an additional subscription of £125 (making £185 in total). Fish Legal’s team of specialist solicitors can provide valuable advice on fisheries law and local byelaws. They can assist in matters which could potentially harm your fishing, such as polluting discharges, access issues and so on. 

Fish Legal can challenge decisions made by government departments, fisheries management bodies and others if they may be detrimental to marine fish stocks or raise other concerns for its members. 

Fish Legal’s activity benefits anglers and the aquatic environment, both freshwater and marine, across Britain. 

For more information and an application form visit the Fish Legal website or call the Membership team on 01568 620447. 


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