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Our federation membership package is for federations which act as umbrella” organisations for their affiliated angling clubs. For more details about eligibility, please see below.

Holders of federation membership benefit from our industry-leading member insurance package with a liability limit of £10 million. The cover includes: public liability, employer’s liability and trustee’s liability. Insurance applies to the federation itself only and not to the federation’s member clubs or their individual members.  Find out more about insurance provided by Howden Insurance Brokers here.

As members we will also keep you informed about Angling Trust campaigns and other activities affecting angling and fisheries with regular e-newsletters and our annual publication ‘The Angler’.

Annual federation membership of the Angling Trust is just £60.  More details about combined membership with Fish Legal can be found below.  

To join as a federation member please contact our membership team.

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Federation membership - who is eligible?

Federation membership of the Angling Trust (with optional Fish Legal membership) is for Federations acting as representative organisations for the angling clubs affiliated to the Federation and/or which hold fishing rights in the name of the Federation in order to make that fishing available to the members of the Federation’s affiliated clubs.

Federations might also organise and deliver events such as angling coaching sessions, angling competitions and promotional events.

Federation membership of the Angling Trust and the integral insurance package apply only to the Federation itself and do not extend to the Federation’s affiliated clubs or the individual members of those clubs. Each club must join the Angling Trust (with optional Fish Legal membership) in its own right to benefit from the Trust’s club insurance package, Fish Legal services and other benefits.

Federation membership is not for organisations which act as clubs in their own right – i.e. have members who directly join the Federation in order to fish the Federations waters rather than becoming members of the Federation’s affiliated clubs. Federations which also act as angling clubs should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal in the club membership category.

Our Membership Tiers

Current Subscription rates for Federations are: 


Federation subscription rates from May 2019 
Angling Trust Membership only   £60  
Angling Trust + Fish Legal for up to 50 members*  £162  
Angling Trust + Fish Legal 51-200 members*  £264 
Angling Trust + Fish Legal 201-500 members*  £376 
Angling Trust + Fish Legal 501-1000 members*  £652 
Angling Trust + Fish Legal 1001-5000 members*  £1019 
Angling Trust + Fish Legal for 5000+ members*  £1060 


*The number of members means the total number of anglers authorised to fish the Federation’s waters. 

Fish Legal

Federations who hold fishing rights in their own name can join Fish Legal and Fish Legal can advise and act for the Federation in matters affecting those particular fishing rights. However, Fish Legal can only take cases for member clubs that have joined in their own right. If a Federation comprises several clubs who also hold separate fishing rights in the club’s name, each of those clubs must join Fish Legal in their own right to be eligible for our lawyers to give advice or take legal action on their behalf in the event of a pollution incident or anything else which might damage their fishing.  To find out more please contact our Membership Team. 

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