Bogdan ‘George’ Pascaru
Angling Trust Building Bridges Officer

Building Bridges Project

I’m 40 (almost)! and I’ve been fishing ever since I can remember. I have been more involved in fishing life for the past 12 years since I came to live here in the UK. My early fishing years in the UK were tough as I didn’t know anyone in the angling community and suffered because of the bad reputation Eastern Europeans had among some anglers.

I wanted to help improve the reputation of migrant anglers and when I found out about the Angling Trust and the Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS) I applied and joined without any hesitation in July 2016.

Since then, through my training and being involved with the VBS and Building Bridges Project, I have learned a great deal about the issues facing angling such as poaching, illegal fishing, fish theft, pollution and many other issues linked to the water and wildlife.

In 2017 I became the VBS Area Coordinator for the Kent and South London area and worked closely with our Regional Enforcement Manager Dave Wilkins to help him to manage the VBS team. I have been able to encourage many friends to join us and the team has been involved in some great work in our area.

Being part of the VBS and the Building Bridges Project is a way I can give something back to the community. It is not about catching people doing wrong, for me the reward comes from educating and helping people do things the right way by fishing legally and looking after our waters and wildlife. 


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