Janusz Kansik
Angling Trust Building Bridges Project Manager 

Building Bridges Project

Janusz came to the UK in 2010, first working as a chef then becoming a community centre receptionist owing to insufficient fishing time! Since then, Janusz has had much more time to spend on the banks of the rivers and lakes across England.

Janusz began producing angling coaching videos to post on YouTube which gave him a sense of satisfaction from sharing his new skills with others. Janusz said: “A lot of people in the UK helped me improve my fishing skills, they invested their time in helping me, which was simply amazing, so I decided to help others as well, simple as that.”

After another year of filming and sharing videos, Janusz made another step forward: joining the Voluntary Bailiff Service, becoming an active Phase 1 Volunteer Bailiff on his local lakes and rivers, supporting Environment Agency fisheries enforcement officers in Oxfordshire. In March 2018, Janusz qualified as a Level 1 Angling Coach.

Now the full-time Project Manager of the Building Bridges team, Janusz said “This is a unique opportunity to make an even greater contribution to the wonderful sport of angling – education and integration is key. I am very excited at this opportunity to work with like-minded anglers and bring new, exciting, ideas to fruition. It is our duty to be there for those who share the passion. It will be my pleasure to help support the wider angling community – and ‘build bridges’.” 


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