Szymon Skoczen
Angling Trust Building Bridges Officer

Building Bridges Project

My name is Szymon and I am a Polish-born angler. I came to England about eleven years ago and like many of my fellow countrymen I started to look for work and a better life.

I have been interested in fishing since I was a little boyI spent most of my free time as a youngster on the local lake or the river next to my grandmother’s house.

After my relocation to England I searched for information about fishing here. I spoke to many anglers who shared my passion and directed me to the correct information. A few years later I joined the Polish Anglers Association where I found a lot of useful information and a lot of people willing to help with understanding British tradition and way of fishing. I took part in many competitions mainly to develop my skills and meet like-minded anglers.

I am a strong believer in integration and education and I am fully supportive of the Angling Trust Building Bridges Project; this is why I became a part of it. I hope I will be able to contribute to the integration process and grow project activities in East Anglia where I live. 


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